On the Kandulim Beach

29 Oct ’08

She was sitting on the purple sand, still hot from its exposure to the sun that day. She was recalling the chain of events that led her to this beach. Oh! beautiful beach, that was not the problem… but everything had been a bit out of control since their meeting with Leonard on Earth.
Taking a deep breath, she put her hands in the sand. The contact of all the grains against the skin of her hands was triggering memories of her former life, it felt strangely reassuring and unfamiliar at the same time. So different.
She started to cry, silently.
She was feeling in her body the loss of her world, the loss of her identity as herself. She was feeling the fear of losing her past; even if most of it had been pain and suffering, she’d developped relationships with a few people she could trust and love. She wasn’t sure that she could be able to see them again, and she wasn’t sure she could survive in this new world.
She was feeling so lonely in that moment. Georges was her only connection with Earth, and she barely knew him. When he appeared in her life suddenly a few weeks ago, she had the impression he would free her from her prison, she trusted him so completely that when he asked her to follow him, she did. It was full of promises of change and discoveries. A life so different from her previous one that even that would make her feel uncomfortable at times. She would try to pull back and stop for a moment. She feared she wanted to stop and leave him, abandon her new life and turn back to the old one… but now, she couldn’t do that anymore. All that she knew was gone, unreachable, vanished.

“I can understand your feelings my little one…”

The voice startled her, she hadn’t heard any noise; the sounds in this reality had such a different quality than on Earth. She looked at where the voice was coming from and was shocked by one of the weirdest creature she’d ever seen. She didn’t think it could exist, though she didn’t think she could travel to another reality either. The creature was like what would be described as a centaur on Earth.

He approached her and his presence alone would soothe her. She had a faint thought about how she should have reacted to such an encounter, but the wave of warm feelings was completely enveloping her. All she could do was surrender to it and let her doubts and sadness dissolve as if it never had existed. She was feeling the pulsing of the soil into her body, and the sound of the ocean was harmoniously adding a low and nurturing rhythm.

They stayed like that for what seemed hours to her. She was breathing more deeply and she didn’t feel the need for thoughts. She was living and she was herself, secure into her beingness and uniqueness.

Eventually the centaur began to speak.

“There is a legend among the people of this place, that people love to remind themselves of in times of despair. It’s the legend of this mythical creature named the Zyndre.”

The sonority of that name made her shiver.

“What the Zyndre looks like, nobody knows for sure until they see one. Because once you see one, you know what it is, without a shadow of doubt. It may be tricky because some people have seen one, and they get into fights about what it looks like, for such is the nature of the Zyndre that its form is diverse and it doesn’t show itself to two people the same.”

He paused for a few moments, letting her imagination wander into this new realm, carried by the soft waves… so close.

“That’s why my people have named it Zyndre, which means the creature of a thousand forms.”
“Some people have searched to catch it, but their attempts have always failed. For the Zyndre doesn’t show itself to the forceful people. The Zyndre is a peaceful creature that will find for you what you most desire.”
“That’s why many people have used to represent it with a large nose, for it is a seeker.”

An image of a most funny creature jumped into her mind. She couldn’t help a laugh, but the creature continued undisturbed.

“It may find anything you want, but you have to desire it so much that it becomes the main focus of your attention. It burns in your head, not like a madness, but like a warm reinsurance, a soft knowingness that you will indeed find it, that which you desire most.”
“So that once you find the Zyndre, you know you’ve reached that thing that you desire, because the Zyndre is pointing you in its very direction.”

The words had found their way into her body, and once he had finished his story, she knew she had found her own path. She couldn’t put it into words, she couldn’t even think about it. But one thing was sure, her path was closely associated with Georges.

“My name is Zharon, I am Sildornam and Zentaura. We shall meet again soon, but for now you want to be with your kind and reinforce your bond.”

Before she could say anything, he was gone. She realized she wanted to be with her friends, especially with the one she was beginning to consider her soul mate.