The Chrysantile

16 Nov ’08


  • Function: Energy magnet, attraction, act of receiving.
  • Families: All families
  • First appearance: November 2008


Notes : The energy expressed is matched by the energy received.

Connected to Chrysanthemum.

The connection with the flower was made by Eric after Jib saw the tile (it was after a dream about the park in the City). The evening before, Eric had re-discovered the picture below in a stack of old pictures, and expressed his appreciation to himself (not to Jib). Once Jib had told him about the tile, the connection was made, hence the color of the petals.

You can use 4 chrysantiles to create the flower in full bloom.

Blink in Blink out

Another interesting quality with magnets is that depending on their configuration and their position relative to other magnets they are not always attracting but can also be repulsive. It is a matter of alignment and direction.