About Us

But what really is the Jorid?

At first glance, we could say that this website is a re-collection of a living work-in-progress, so to speak.
It primarily focuses on the adventures of the characters of Georges and Salome, who are not, in our understanding, mere fictional characters, but rather aspects of ourselves1traveling in many other universes2, and using us to share and extend their gathered knowledge to you.

As a multi-dimensional exploration, one could not expect this account to tell anything linear; and one would be correct, for in fact, it doesn’t.
What is meant by multi-dimensional is not only that these explorations occur at many layers, but also that they unfold in the present. Thus, the story is never quite complete as one has been used to expect from any story that is told.

Due to the very nature of this exploration, this polyphonic website is likely to gather many types of fragments, all of which are expressions seen through the eye of a (or different) particular narrator(s).
This should tell you that they are never absolute accounts, in that they are translated through the narrator’s own layers of experiences and inner references.

Some of the narrators whom you are likely to encounter in the Jorid’s archives are, to date:

  • Georges, a Traveler
  • Salome, a fellow Traveler
  • Jib
  • Éric
  • and us, or Sam, a merged aspect of these aforementioned energies, which can express itself through many venues, not necessarily physically focused.

To you, in acknowledgment of your curiosity and involvement in this adventure, we offer our fond greetings and encouragements in your own discoveries. 



1 In our jargon, they would be called other focuses of ourselves.

2 we rather call these universes dimensions