The Green Phoenix


  • Function : Facilitates the transfer or exchange of energy between dimensions, facilitates bleed-throughs, helps you stay centered in yourself in the midst of change and movement.


  • Families : Gramada, Tumold, Ilda
  • Significance : This tile represents the expression of duality and change in our reality. Consciousness is never still, it is always in movement, always seeking new developments and expressions. The Green Phoenix represents the complementary elements that we encounter in all of our reality and that move in harmony with each other: objective consciousness and subjective consciousness, electrical energy and magnetic energy, male and female, worm hole and black hole… We tend to see them often as opposites but they are not — they complement each other. It also represents change and movement, the transformation of energy to create your physical expression.

    Like humming birds that rapidly flap their wings in order to maintain their position and feed on the nectar of their favorite plants, it shows that movement is a necessary element for us to create the illusion of stillness or immobility.

    Another aspect of this tile is the coordination point, the center point through which different realities intersect and can exchange or communicate.

  • Interpretation : Its shape represents a worm hole (left feathers) and a black hole (the spiral and the sparks). The central axis is the representation of an anchor into your reality and/or the energy exchange between different layers of consciousness. It is the manifested intention of your being and the creating power of self in the now. You naturally know where and when you are; time and space defined by our societies are just structures and tools made for ourselves —by ourselves— to help us interpret and translate more easily our experiences.
  • As an advice : Whenever you find this tile, pay attention to your energy, your expressions and your motivations. If you feel off-balance and tired, it is because you’re compensating a natural movement of your energy in order to maintain the status quo. The more you try to compensate, the more you have to use energy to do so. Being still does not necessarily mean being relaxed and not physically doing anything does not necessarily mean that you aren’t moving subjectively as well. All of this can translate as tension and fatigue. In paying attention to your reflection in your environment and to your energy, you will know what you are doing, what is your natural movement that you are trying to overcome. Allow yourself a clearer vision of the duality of your being and of your natural movements. Let go of your control; the changes seem so big only because you have been resisting them for so long.
  • First appearance : February 2009
  • Other connections : Quetzalcóatl, humming bird, labradorite

Seen in Wisp 11


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